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We, me and Daiana Vazquèz from Argentina, have founded Nampelka in August 2017 and we sell biodynamic Malbec in Europe.
It stands for natural and organic products made with heritage and love.
Our motto is:

"We are not perfect. We are natural."

How you came up with the idea?
For the first time we had the idea of this project during our travel from Milan to my family in Germany. We took a flixbus and we had 15hours of discussing what we would like to do in our future. And of course, Daiana, she had some bottles of Malbec with her as a present for my parents. And actually, this was the moment, in which we decided to do some project together.

Can you tell us about the the DNA of Nampelka and your upcoming projects? You are also working with artist, can you explain the link you are making between wine and art?
Our key message is “We are not perfect. We are natural.” as we want to highlight the fact that we should start to re-learn how to appreciate imperfection. We – as Nampelka – focus on showing how beautiful and unique natural things can be just due to the fact of not being perfect. It shouldn’t be our aim to perceive only standardized and perfect objects as precious.
In order to be able to express our vision, we worked with Yamila de Pico. She is an Argentinian photographer located in Berlin. Yamila created for us a photographic project called “Elementos”. In these pictures she has transformed our motto into images showing the natural elements in the beauty of our human bodies and in the beauty of the nature.
By having developed this photographic project “Elementos”, we fortify the message of our slogan. We want to create a unique experience in which people can feel the beauty of natural objects, without being perfect.

And in the end, we perceive each bottle of biodynamic wines as art. Art which is made by and together with the strength of the nature.

Since when are working with Argentina and how have you chosen this place in the world to sell your wine? What makes it special to your business and makes it interesting in the economy scale?
We started with our first ideas of our Nampelka project in 2015 and then, one year later, we have organized the first order from Mendoza to Hildesheim / Ilsede, where our storage is located. For now, we do not sell in Argentina as the market is very tough due to high competition and a rather instable economic situation. We focus on the European market as the winery is not yet strong in the market and we see a great potential for biodynamic Malbec in Europe which is particular and very expressive in its taste.

Nampelka´s Journey

First Idea of Our Project

Wines arrived in Hildesheim (Germany)

Foundation of Nampelka GmbH

Visit in the Winery in Mendoza

First Foto Exhibition and Pop-Up Store in Berlin

Integration of Nampelka Coffee to our portfolio

Transformation of the Nampelka Business Model towards female entrepreneurship


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