Hello, I'mAlisa Sydow

Entrepreneur & Researcher

Academic life

Research Topic

My research interests lie in the field of entrepreneurship and more precisely on how individuals are able to create long-lasting impact by building up institutions and by creating social change through their new ventures.


My focus is on entrepreneurs in developing economies.
More recently, I have started to explore particular challenges of female entrepreneurs in developing economies.


Our world needs impactful and long-lasting businesses. That is why, I want to illuminate what we can learn from multigenerational family businesses that have overcome severe crisis.


New businesses that are build on blockchain do have the potential to cope with severe institutional problems such as corruption and they can promote societal inclusion.


I fully enjoy interacting with young students and I love to get stimulated by their ideas and opinion. Luckily, I started to teach right from the start of my PhD program. So far, I taught strategy and entrepreneurship courses from the undergraduate level up to the executive level within an international context.



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