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Never lose faith in your ideas

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In a nutshell


What does “Nampelka” mean?

The name comes from the root of a Mapuche word, an ethnic population of the Andes, “Nampëlkafe”, which means “traveler”.

What is Nampelka’s mission?

Their goal is to work with family businesses around the world that make high quality, authentic and sustainable products. Their principles are ethical entrepreneurship and responsible consumption of products, as they want their customers to be conscious about what they are consuming and what it can return to nature.

What is next for Nampelka?

Nampelka is expanding: starting with their desire to help women entrepreneurs in developing economies, they aim to create an international community that connects women entrepreneurs in these countries.

Some advice from ME:

  1. By stepping outside your comfort zone, you will learn what your true interests are;
  2. Never lose faith in your idea: as long as it is rooted in your true passions, you will be able to achieve your goals.

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