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Leveraging blockchain’s potential – The paradox of centrally legitimate, decentralized solutions to institutional challenges in Kenya

Blockchain technology is generating excitement as a technological disruptive innovation. However, a lot of this excitement has been focused on its use for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This has led to some confusion about the nature of the technology. More recently, its application has been extended toward a broader perspective such as supply chain management solutions, digital signatures, hospital records and transparent voting during elections. One of the main benefits of blockchain is presented by its distributed nature, which makes information contained within blockchain applications secure, and highly transparent. Therefore, blockchain technology seems to be very impactful in developing economies, where we still have rather high level of weak and corrupt infrastructures. We have asked ourselves the following crucial question: can decentralized solutions such as blockchain apply to central government’s challenges?

In this article, we have studied thirteen key entrepreneurs and managers in Kenya to understand the current challenges connected with unlocking the potential of blockchain-enabled services.

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In collaboration with Sanwar, A. Sunny and Chad D. Coffman